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Application Software And Packages

by Icnaija

MS Word, WordPad and Notepad.
Internet browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
Microsoft Power Point, Keynotes.
Auto CAD.
MySQL, Oracle, MS Access.
Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel.
Real Player, Media Player.
[11/23, 1:43 PM] Izumuo Chimaobim Eugene: Importance of Application package

• It helps in the customization of the applications to suit a user’s needs.
• Helps in simplification of the installation as well as the un- installation processes.
• Saves a lot of time in both the un- installation and installation processes.
• Once it has been packaged, the application can also be installed in a very quick manner on a lot of desktops in various locations.
• Helps in saving a lot of space of the product and this is done by doing different modifications to the applications.
• A lot of flexibility can be enjoyed and cherished by the user. This flexibility is in terms of the lost files and this is done through a phenomenon that reduces the down time of a particular application.
• It can also be advertised in a good manner so that an on demand installation can take place.

Application software

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