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Cakes: how to bake and it’s nutritional value

by Icnaija

We have different types of cakes such as:
1. Pan cake
2. Cup cake
3. Wedding cake
4. Multiple colour cake
5. Birthday cake6. Chocolate cake

 We are discussing about a Birthday cake

This kind of cake is prepared best for a birthday occasion, therefore it can be prepared like every other cake as mentioned above.

1. Flour (5 cups/1kg)
2. Sugar ( ½kg)
3. Butter/margarine (1kg)
4. Preservative ( 1 teaspoon)
5. Milk ( 1 tin)
6. Baking powder ( 2 full spoons)
7. Corn flavor ( 1kg cup)
8. Vanilla oil ( 1 teaspoon)
9. Eggs (16 pieces)
10. Liquid Browning (color)
11. Mixed fruit


Get a clean bowl, mix the butter and sugar together. Stir with a pestle, while turning the butter and sugar, you should make sure you turn from one direction and right round to avoid openings or holes in the cake after baking.
Stir the butter and sugar until it becomes light and pale in color. Get a bowl and break the eggs into it ( both the yolk and the white), whisk differently and pour into the mixture of butter and sugar as you stir very well in one direction.
Sieve the flour and the baking powder into a separate bowl, mix the two contents together and gradually be pouring it into the mixture as you stir. Then add a little drop of Liquid brownig (colour) into the mixture and stir. Get the preservative and pour in 1 teaspoon full into the mixture, add 2-3 drops of vanilla oil flavor, add the milk and the corn flour and stir together.
Then finally add the 2 tablespoon full of mixed fruit that has been already been soaked overnight and mix altogether.

How to Bake

Grease the the baking pan with either a vegetable oil or butter. Pour in some flour into the baking pan and make sure it touches the whole inner surface of the baking pan inorder to help in easy remover of the cake from the pan.pour out the flour. Then pour in the mixture into the greesed pan (make sure it does not exceed the middle of the pan)then light the oven and allow it for about 20 minutes to heat very well. Then when it might have heated open it and place the pan on the oven setting make sure the setting is level, then close the oven.Never open the oven until about 30 to 40 minutes to make sure that the mixture must’ve risen well enough.
Check it from time to time to avoid getting burnt. When the cake is fully baked,bring it out from the oven and allow it for some minutes to cool before removing it from the baking pan. Then your cake is ready to be served.

The Nutritional Value:

1. Butter/margarine,egg and milk-These ingredients makes the cake rich in protein.which help to build up the body tissues and also repairs worn out body tissues and these ingredients gives a very good and special taste to the cake.
2. Flour and corn flour-They supply our body with carbohydrates.
3. Mix fruit-Supplies our body with vitamins
4. Vanilla oil-Supplies our body with fats and oil.
5. Sugar-supplies our body with carories.


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