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Mechanical Counting Devices

by Icnaija

  • Abacus

This was a first machine that was developed by an Egyptian and Chinese man about 500 years ago, it is a calculating board which consists of wood enframe with wires on parallel positions in which beads are inserted bars oriented perpendicular to the wires that divides the beads into two groups. It is used to perform calculations like additions and subtraction.

  • Slide rule

It was developed by a man named William Oughtered in the year 1620 and it consists of two movable scales which helped to perform large calculations of multiplication and division. It could also perform operations like additions and subtraction.

  • Blaise Pascal’s Machine

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician at the age of 19 years. He invented a machine called Pascaning in the year 1942. It consisted of wheels and gears that could add, subtract, multiply and divides number very easily, it works like a speedometer.

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  • Babbage’s Analytical Engine

In the year 1822 Charles Babbage a professor of mathematics designed and developed a machine called Difference Engine which could perform mathematical calculations. Then in the year 1833 he designed another machine known as Analytical Engine which can perform tasks based on instruction, a general purpose calculating machine and that was why he is called the father of computer.

  • John Napier’s Bone

John Napier a Scotland mathematician invented a machine known as NAPIER’S BONE in the year 1617. Napier’s Bone had rods on which multiplication tables were written. It is used for multiplication and division it is also used to find square roots and cube roots.

Finally, Lady Augusta Ada Byron, she was the mother of computer and she was the first woman to give instructions to the computer. She is a close friend of Charles Babbage, she provided supportive programs and explanatory notes in which the Analytical Engine solved problem with.

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