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Physical activities with good nutrition and their advantages

by Icnaija

Physical activity is any daily body movement someone engages in to keep the mind mentally and physically fit. Nutrition on the other hand is the process by which we receive the food necessary for the proper growth of the body.

Physical activity and good nutrition are important factors for maintaining a good health conditions. They fight against the chances of developing serious diseases and illness of the body system. A healthy individual is one who is able to keep to his physical strength and nutrition.

Body exercises and good nutrition helps the skin to be daily refreshed and for you to maintain a fresh looking skin and health void of diseases and sicknesses, you have to keep to your physical activity and nutrition, making it to be part of your daily life. Exercise and nutrition gives so many beneficial improvements to the body.

  • Health benefits of exercise and nutrition

1. Weight loss: Exercise along with good diet helps to reduce weight and prevent obesity.

2. Mood and energy:

During exercise, the body produces some chemicals which helps the body to be relaxed thereby, keeping it in a good mood.

3. Sleep:

Exercise along with adequate diet induces sleep and makes you to fall asleep faster and to stay undisturbed in sleep for long.

4. Sexual life:

Physical exercise and good nutrition improves sexual activities, fruit like water melon has the capacity of boosting the energy needed for sex before engaging in it thereby, making you to last long in bed.

5. Strong immune:

The body is better able to handle and fight germs and stay healthy when you eat well and exercise often.

Not withstanding, all these benefits mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call on your doctor for his advice on some aspects of your healthy living.

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